What can I do for you?

Welcome to The Techie Tenor, your one-stop shop for “full-service” IT solutions, ranging from computer help to web hosting and much, much more. I make things work for you and explain complex things in a simple way.

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Andrew Haji. I’m a Canadian opera singer, born and raised in London, Ontario and currently living in Toronto. An opera singer, you ask? That’s right. So where do computers come in? Excellent question!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed playing with computers: breaking them, fixing them, and making them work even better and faster than before. As I grew older I started to do computer work for friends and family, and eventually started offering my services to the public. I love making technology work better for people—call it an addiction!

Scroll down to see how I can help make things work better for you.

Tech Support

Are you having trouble with your computer? Cell phone? TV? I can help. Not only that, but I’ll make things easier and more affordable for you.

Computer Support

Here are just a few of the things I can help you with:

  • Computer running slowly
  • Virus infections
  • Upgrading to a newer computer
  • Transferring files between computers
  • Teaching you how to use your computer/software
  • Buying a new computer
  • Setting up home/business networking
  • Making your network wireless
  • I can work with Macs, PCs, and Chromebooks

Portable Devices/Cell Phones

Devices are getting smaller and smaller, but the headaches they can cause are becoming bigger and bigger! Let me help reduce the headaches. I can help you with:

  • Getting a new cell phone
  • Transferring your landline to a cell phone
  • Setting up your new phone/tablet
  • Showing you how to use your new device
  • Installing apps and games

TVs & Home Theatres

In addition to the little screens, I can help you with your big ones:

  • Purchasing a new TV/home theatre
  • Setting up the TV and new components
  • Getting your computer hooked up to the TV
  • Setting up set-top boxes like Apple TV
  • Programming your PVR

Phone Systems

More and more, people are switching from landlines to cell phones. But many people still need landlines—especially businesses and larger homes!

As the big telecom companies (like Bell Canada) continue to raise prices on landline services, is there any way of getting a landline phone that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? There certainly is.

Over the past 15 years or so, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has risen in popularity. The reliability and quality of VoIP services now rival those of landline-based services, but at a fraction of the cost. Yes, a fraction. (I helped one company reduce their monthly phone bill from $300 to under $15 by switching to VoIP!)

You can move your existing phone number over to a VoIP service, and you will continue to make and receive phone calls exactly as you did before—with a regular phone. You’ll simply experience better quality and spend much less money than ever before. And yes, you’ll be able to call 911 just as you do with a landline.

There are many different options available for setting up new VoIP systems and for transitioning existing landline services over to VoIP. I can help walk you through those options and set up a transition plan for you that makes sense financially.

Web Services

Websites. Email. Two things a business can’t survive without today. You need a website that works well, looks good, and tells people about you. And email shouldn’t complicate your life—it should simplify it.

Web Hosting & Domains

In order to get a website up and running, you need two things: a web hosting account, and a domain name.

  • Domain names are the addresses you type to access a website. For example, the website you’re looking at right now lives under the techietenor.com domain.
    • Domain names cost $20/year each. You only need one, but you can get more if you want!
  • Web hosting is your actual home on the Internet. It stores your website files and serves them out to visitors.
    • Web hosting costs $6/month for 2 GB of storage, or $12/month for 4 GB of storage. Most websites are comfortably under 2 GB in size.

I take care of all the technical stuff for you so that you can focus on running your own business.

With your new domain name, you can also get a customized email address, like info@mywebsite.com. Free and paid options are available. I can also help you consolidate email accounts so that you only need to check a single email account.

Web Design & Maintenance

Once you have your web hosting and domain set up, you will need someone to create a beautiful, custom website for you. I recommend the following wonderful web designer:


In-person support sessions are $180, and include 2 hours of work. Additional time is billed at $60/hour. Remote/online work is also billed at $60/hour. HST applies to all fees.

I can make on-site visits anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, and I accept cash, credit card, cheque, or email transfer.


If you’d like to book an appointment, get your website started, or have any other questions about the services I provide, please send me an email at: andrew@techietenor.com

If you would prefer to speak over the phone, you can leave me a message at 416-576-5386 and I’ll call you back. (Emails typically receive a faster response!)